Cooking for the day is done….

I took pictures of most of what I made but I left my phone downstairs, and my legs hurt so I’m taking a break in my room. I’ll post them later.

I’m acutely aware of the irony (sagleo is that the right word?) (sagleo is my amazing sister who is a court reporter…so she took tons of grammar classes!!!) that in order to eat healthy and be prepared all week with healthy choices so that I get some weight off and my legs stop hurting….I stand in the kitchen all day Sundays cooking which causes the pain I’m trying to eliminate by eating healthy which necessitates standing in the kitchen all day on Sunday…and round and round we go!



I am bouncy, dorky and mostly happy. I am an apologetic, unashamed recovering addict. My current drugs of choice are Crackbook and cookies. I sleep too much and drink too much coffee, which really doesn’t make sense, but there ya go. I used to be shy, but I’m not anymore, as a friend once pointed out as I was dancing on a table (KIDDING)

I am mom to Jessa and Alex, friend to many and annoying to some.

Cant win ’em all.